How to make your own travel portal

Published: 31st March 2010
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The ongoing cut edge competitions among various businesses are proving beneficial to the user's world wide by not only giving them options to choose but also suiting their prerequisite. Recreation plays an important part in each ones life and so people usually take a break from their busy schedules and visit new and attractive places. In view of the fact that many alternatives are near, most of the travel agencies are under a fix on how to make their own travel portal which will not only be different from others but will also fetch them some business by attracting people to choose them only.

How to make your own travel portal to fetch business and attract more travelers

1) Travel portal itself is a kind of website that provides information about that travel agency or company in an attractive and simplified way. While creating own travel portal online travel agents have lot of misconceptions and confusions. So some of the various techniques that are usually recommended by the experts and other professionals may help them work better in knowing how to make their own travel portal.

2) It is advisable to design a travel portal which is striking as a non attractive one will not impress the user. To do this, it is required to make the front page attractive with a few pictures of the various destinations that travel agent is dealing with. Do not make it over crowded with images it will not give the right information as well as it will increase the site opening time and users may get irritated.

3) The travel portal front page should try to provide the index of all contents that would be found on other pages of that website. This will help in simplifying the work of traveler as he or she will get to the right linked page.

4) It is suggested to provide the information of all the destinations in short. Their travel portal must be informative enough about the destination they are looking for. They can provide brief information about that location, climate, best time to visit, food and other stuff relevant to that place. The best option to attract people is to tell what the attractions of that place are and how they can visit them.

5) A travel portal is incomplete if it does not provide its users the information about the discounts and deals. Similarly providing them with few options after reaching their destination usually helps. This helps the user to be little liberated as apart from receiving their accommodation booked from that agent they can even opt for various travel guides that may help them there. This will fetch the travel agency some extra money as well as reputation.

6) Travel portal providing information about safety and precautions are to be followed and how their own company provides security can create a faith among users. This will fetch a lot of business as traveling is not fun if there is no safety of life.

7) Interlink from a page to another helps a lot.

8) Posting the various feedbacks and testimonials of their rejoiced customers will attract lot of users as it will be a kind of recommendation of their website.

So it is sensible to make a travel portal which is not only pretty having pictures and other material but can also be tempting so that people can come to their agency.

Article written by Mr. Neeraj Arora, Marketing Director of Himalayan IT Group, offering website design in India and ecommerce solutions in India.

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